Sociii 1.0

Evolving Society

Sociii is an innovative not-for-profit organisation with a purpose to evolve society. This mission begins with uplifting single mothers, breaking the chains of generational trauma, and nurturing a brighter, more resilient future for them and their children.

Sociii 1.0

Evolving Society

Sociii is an innovative not-for-profit organization with a purpose to evolve society. This mission begins with transforming single mothers’ lives through world-leading personal development, life coaching, and therapy.

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When the mother carries negative and disempowering beliefs about herself and the world, so do her children.

Her trauma, becomes their trauma.

By transforming the mother, we transform her children.

In Australia, 80.3% of single-parent families are mothers, and the children of these single-mother families face a heartbreaking reality, they are:

*Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics.

We’re committed to altering these statistics over the long term by breaking generational programs and trauma, and removing disempowering beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors from the mothers.

The positive transformation experienced by these mothers will be passed onto their children, reversing these headshaking statistics, which will contribute to a brighter society that you, your children, and your grandchildren will grow up in.

How We're Driving Change

The Sociii Innerwork Program

Developed in collaboration with Catalyst for Coaches, the Sociii Innerwork Program is our flagship initiative for single mothers, offering an evidence-based, multifaceted approach to address and alleviate the impacts of generational trauma and societal challenges. This 12-month program is designed to facilitate mental and emotional healing, personal growth, support community building among participants, and create deep long-lasting transformation.

Outcomes From Our 12 Months Program



a knock-on effect that helps achieve our purpose

By participating in the Sociii Innerwork Program, single mothers adopt new positive beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that will be passed onto their children, helping them overcome the challenges associated with single-parent households, and creating a thriving future.


Rigorous Selection and Engagement

The program implements a strict criteria to identify participants committed to positive change. This selection process ensures participants are prepared to fully participate in and benefit from the program.

Expert Coaching

Coaches are a fundamental part of the program, embodying high standards of professionalism, empathy, and expertise. They receive extensive training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Matrix Therapies, and Factual Feeling methodologies. This specialised training equips them with a diverse toolkit to meet the unique needs of participants effectively.

Adaptive Program Design

The program is designed to be continuously refined based on participant feedback, ensuring its relevance and impact over time. This adaptability allows the program to evolve in response to the changing needs of participants.

Lucrative Program Structure

The program structure comprises of individual and group sessions designed to facilitate personal transformation and community support among participants. 

Evidence-Based Foundation

Our program’s foundation is reinforced by cutting-edge psychological and social research, integrating methodologies proven to enhance mental health, happiness, resilience, and community belonging. This scientific validation ensures our approach not only addresses immediate needs but also supports long-term well-being and self-sufficiency.

Community and Social Evolution

At the core of Sociii Support lies the principle of creating a strong sense of community, togetherness, and societal evolution. The program is designed not only for individual transformation but also to build a supportive network that reinforces the communal aspect of recovery and growth.


Sociii operates through 3 powerful divisions:

Sociii Support, Sociii Business, and Sociii Housing each play vital roles in creating real change in society. 

Sociii Housing focuses on developing social, affordable, and open-market housing to address the housing crisis directly, and Sociii Business acquires businesses in the sustainable construction and home improvement sectors.

We’re taking growth and impact into our own hands by channeling profits from our Sociii Housing and Sociii Business divisions into Sociii Support to fund personal development, therapy, and life coaching we offer to single mothers who want a better life.

Each of our founders bring a diverse set of skills, knowledge and experience to help fulfill Sociii’s purpose. They’re all inspired by a common goal: to provide individuals the opportunities to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Be Part of the Change

By supporting Sociii’s mission, you are contributing to a future where equal opportunities and support are abundantly available to everyone. 

Your contribution, whether through donations, partnerships with our business initiatives, or simply spreading the word, is vital in shaping a society that values compassion, collaboration, inclusion, and generosity. 

Together, we can create a brighter future for our children and grandchildren by helping those who want a hand up, not a hand out.

Evolving Society

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