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Discover the inspiring journey of Sociii, where personal transformation meets collective vision. Sociii is born from the founders’ personal struggles and victories, representing a collective commitment to transforming society by empowering individuals held back by their circumstances.

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Sociii Support 1.0

Sociii Support provides an Innerwork personal development program and community specifically tailored for single mothers who want a better life for themselves and their children. Our participants often feel stuck, hopeless, and lack the resources required to get the right help, we’re breaking down those barriers.

Our founders passionately vow, “We’re giving people a hand up, not a handout.” This reflects our dedication to finding the right candidates who will commit and allow them and their families to continue to grow and evolve after going through our programs.

Sociii Business 1.0

Sociii Business acquires businesses within the sustainable construction and home improvement sectors. This approach promotes environmental sustainability, while directing profits to fund Sociii Support.

Plus, business owners selling to Sociii will experience an easy transition while avoiding brokerage fees. We allow business owners to continue their legacy by having their businesses play a key role in Sociii’s mission to transform the lives of single mothers and their children.

We also guarantee their employees will be looked after and continue to grow, as they will be provided with more employment opportunities, along with a culture that values personal and professional development.

Sociii Housing 1.0

Sociii Housing develops social, affordable, and open-market housing. Its vision is dedicated to helping tenants move from social to affordable to homeownership by providing a supportive and empowering environment to those who want a better life.

We aim to routinely free up occupation for social and affordable housing by helping tenants into home ownership.

We will achieve these outcomes while supplying more affordable open-market units, which will have a quantifiable impact on the housing crisis.

Profits generated by Sociii Housing are directed to Sociii Support.

Our Story

Sociii founders, having overcome significant challenges and adversity, have brought together their unique experiences and aspirations to create Sociii with a shared purpose.

To evolve society by providing support, opportunities, and empowerment to those hindered by their circumstances, starting with single mothers and their children.

Their alignment on the importance of overcoming societal constraints, such as financial limitations, social beliefs, and ineffective social systems, formed the foundation of Sociii’s purpose.

By prioritizing single mothers and their children, Sociii acknowledges the unique challenges they face and addresses them with targeted support.

Sociii aims to create an environment where everyone, regardless of their background, can access the support and resources needed to achieve their dreams, with initial programs tailored to empower single mothers and nurture their children’s futures.

Sociii’s is about changing the narrative from dependency to empowerment, from isolation to community, and from stagnation to growth, ensuring that the success of single mothers and their children sparks a positive change that ripples through society.

Our aim is to create a society where the success of one contributes to the upliftment of all, acknowledging the vital role that single mothers play in shaping the future of their children and, by extension, our community.

Meet The Founders

Sociii Housing 1.0

Nick Cave

Nick Cave leads Sociii Housing with a background in property development, construction, and ownership of Niclin Constructions. Nick personally grew up in Social housing and experienced firsthand what impact these environments can have on children. Nick’s passion for Sociii is about innovation and transformation to tackle the growing Social housing crisis.

Sociii Support 1.0

Greg Gillies

Greg Gillies: At the helm of Sociii Support, Greg leverages his extensive experience in personal development and human potential. Together with his wife Tracey, they run businesses that focus on mental, physical, and spiritual health, forming the foundation for improving life and circumstances. Greg’s commitment to providing advanced personal development and life coaching passion to help more people evolve.

Sociii Business 1.0

David Myles

David Myles: David directs Sociii Business with a dynamic background as an ex-professional rugby league player, a current board member of the Cowboys NRL franchise, and the founder of Gutterknight, Australia’s leading franchise company. His expertise in scaling business through teamwork, culture, and smart systems is invaluable to Sociii’s mission. David’s leadership ensures the success and growth of Sociii Business, contributing significantly to Sociii’s charitable activities.


Be Part of the Change

By supporting Sociii’s mission, you are contributing to a future where equal opportunities and support are abundantly available to everyone. 

Your contribution, whether through donations, partnerships with our business initiatives, or simply spreading the word, is vital in shaping a society that values compassion, collaboration, inclusion, and generosity. 

Together, we can create a brighter future for our children and grandchildren by helping those who want a hand up, not a hand out.

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